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Nadine M. Morton strives for greatness as a professional and an attorney. By actively participating in trials, Nadine sharpens her already hardened skills as an attorney every time she steps into the courtroom. Nadine defends clients with high level charges ranging from domestic violence, to gun crimes, DUI, kidnapping, and more. High level criminal convictions carry serious consequences , so you can’t afford to lose. Nadine understands the gravity of your situation, and will work with you for a positive outcome.

When dealing with clients, she takes a hands-on approach, making efforts to maintain direct contact and communication. A healthy and communicable attorney-client relationship can make all the difference during the plea-bargaining phase. Nadine will make sure her clients know all of their options and what their odds are at a trial. This knowledge gives clients the necessary perspective to make an informed decision. Getting all the facts and receiving sound advice from experienced an attorney is crucial when facing criminal charges. Nadine has seen her clients through to “not guilty” verdicts and dismissals, and her record can speak for itself.

When it’s your freedom and future on the line, Nadine M. Morton can help you secure the best possible outcome.

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