Child Abuse & Sex Crimes

Child Abuse Lawyer for the Falsely Accused

Being falsely accused of child abuse is a serious accusation that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you have been wrongly accused of abusing a child, whether physically or emotionally, contact the law firm of Robert L. Langford & Associates, in Las Vegas, Nevada, immediately. Child abuse lawyer, Robert L. Langford, has taken on many cases where an individual was being accused of hurting a child and helped fight the allegation on behalf of the client, working to reach an outcome that absolved him or her of any wrongdoing.

Being Accused of Hurting a Child

Child abuse has been defined as an act, or failure to act, on the part of a parent or caretaker that results in the death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse, exploitation of a child, or actions that place the child in an imminent risk of serious harm. Child abuse laws raise difficult legal and political issues, pitting the rights of children to be free from harm against the rights of families to privacy and the rights of parents to raise and discipline their children without government interference. Despite these complexities, an innocent individual accused of physically, sexually, or emotionally mistreating or neglecting a child should not be subjected to a harassing court or a plaintiff set out to get revenge.

As a former child abuse prosecutor, Robert L. Langford understands that there are many times when what appears on the surface to be child abuse might have another explanation entirely. Perhaps a mother did not immediately take her child in for medical care after a fall or a parent unknowingly agreed to a plea deal, which is an automatic admission of guilt. Whatever the reason for the accusation, the facts and evidence must be examined before jumping to any conclusions, which could end up destroying the life of an innocent individual. The accused individual in a child abuse prosecution case still deserves his or her due process rights.

The Legal Representation You Need

If you have been accused of the physical abuse of children, it is critically important that you have an attorney for every stage of government intervention. Mr. Langford has witnessed courts and agency representatives repeatedly tell people that they didn’t need an attorney as they dragged them through multiple hearings and bureaucratic nightmares. At the first hint that you are being accused of hurting a child, you need to contact Robert L. Langford and meet with him to discuss your situation and resolve the matter as soon as possible. Whether you’re accused of the physical or emotional abuse of children, it is crucial that you seek the representation an experienced attorney to defend your rights in court.

Sex Crimes Defense Attorney on Your Side

You need a committed and determined lawyer to fight for your rights in court. At Robert L. Langford & Associates, in Las Vegas, Nevada, attorney Robert L. Langford defends the rights of clients accused of sex crimes, arguing for a strong defense against the prosecution to deliver positive results. Not only that, but he provides sex offender representation and legal counseling for those who may be subject to a new law, A.B. 579, a controversial sex offender law which was initially adopted to comply with a well-known federal act.

Sex Offender Representation: Protecting Offenders’ Rights

In terms of lifelong ramifications, sex crimes are the most serious crimes in the state of Nevada. In addition to having possible prison sentences equal to murder, a conviction for a sex crime can impact where you live, work, and worship. A conviction may also require that you register and be on lifetime supervision, even if you are never incarcerated. Due to the nature of sex crimes, it is often easy for the state or government to obtain a conviction. In Nevada, the word of an alleged victim, if believed by a jury, is sufficient to convict someone of a sex crime. There does not have to be corroborating evidence.

For more than 20 years, sex offender lawyer, Robert L. Langford, has successfully handled sex crime cases in Nevada and throughout the U.S. Mr. Langford has also attended hundreds of hours of continuing education courses dedicated to the defense of all manner of sex crimes. He is an attorney that defends sexual offense cases and has the knowledge and experience to fight the allegations in court.

Changes in Sex Offender Registration Laws

Nevada’s sex offender laws are about to drastically change. The following information is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice:

On September 10, 2008, Robert L. Langford and attorneys from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Nevada won a permanent injunction against the retroactive enforcement of A.B. 579 and S.B. 471. ACLU of Nevada et al. v. Masto et al. The attorneys successfully argued that retroactive enforcement of A.B. 579 and S.B. 471 was unconstitutional and violated the U.S. Constitution, including the Due Process and Ex Post Facto Clauses.

A.B. 579 is Nevada’s enactment of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act and changes the tier assignment of sex offenders in Nevada. Under A.B. 579, the tier you are assigned is based on whether you have committed any of the qualifying offenses. Any qualifying offense conviction since July 1, 1956, is subject to the law. A.B. 579 also increases the extent and duration of registration and notification.

S.B. 471 imposed new and drastic residency and movement restrictions. The state of Nevada appealed the district court’s ruling and the Ninth Circuit upheld the injunction as to S.B. 471, but overturned it to A.B 579. The Ninth Circuit has declined review, and the case has been remanded to the local district court to determine if the injunction should be made permanent as to S.B. 471. Soon, A.B. 579 will be enforced as a law. It is not certain when this will take place.

What should you do if you’re having difficulties with sex offender registration?

Contact the law offices of Robert L Langford and associates with any questions regarding sex offender registration in Nevada. Sex offender registration laws are constantly changing and you may be subject to new restrictions. Our law office can explain your situation and may be able to modify your restrictions.