Effective Murder Representation for a Positive Outcome

Minimize the impact of a criminal charge on your life. Put a strong advocate in your corner with Robert L. Langford. He is an experienced murder lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada, providing effective murder representation for clients facing first degree murder and/or the death penalty. Robert L. Langford & Associates thoroughly evaluates your case and utilizes effective strategies to obtain winning results. Contact Mr. Langford today to receive counseling for your case.

Knowledgeable and Well-Informed Murder Lawyer

Murder is defined as the unlawful killing of another with malice. There are different degrees of murder in the state of Nevada. Murder of the first degree is murder that is premeditated and deliberate. In Nevada, the penalties for first degree murder are death by lethal injection, life without the possibility of parole, life with the possibility of parole, and a prison sentence with a minimum term of 20 years and a maximum term of 50 years.

As an experienced murder attorney, Robert L. Langford is well versed in Nevada’s criminal laws. He stays abreast of any changes in order to provide the best possible representation for his clients. Not only that, but he works to protect your rights and offer the counseling you need during this challenging time. When your future is on the line, turn to Robert L. Langford & Associates for an effective, first degree murder defense. They will defend your rights in court, forming a persuasive argument to obtain successful results.

Building a Strong Death Penalty Defense

Attorney Robert L. Langford is death qualified in the state of Nevada, which means that under Nevada Supreme Court rules, he has worked as lead counsel on murder cases where the state is seeking the death penalty. Not all criminal defense attorneys are “death qualified”, so it is a smart decision to choose Robert L. Langford & Associates as your criminal defense attorneys. With his years of experience, defending individuals charged with murder, they will build a compelling case in court, so you can avoid having to face the death penalty.

If you are charged with murder, you deserve the best defense possible, especially in a case where the prosecution is seeking the death penalty. Take control of your future and let Robert L. Langford & Associates argue in your defense to ensure a positive outcome. They have your best interests at heart and will fight hard for your rights.

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