Civil Rights

Morton Law represents people in cases involving Wrongful Death and Serious injury, Police and Jail Misconduct, Police Shootings and Killings, Jail Suicide and Jail Death, and Restraint/Compression/Positional Asphyxia by Police.

Civil Rights

A civil rights claim generally arises when the government or its officials violate an individual’s Constitutional or statutory rights. These rights include the rights to be free from wrongful seizure and the use of excessive force by law enforcement officers.

Wrongful Death

Our firm specializes in helping clients navigate the complex legal steps related to wrongful death claims that are critical to preserving their rights when a loved one dies.

Police Shootings

Police shootings are an epidemic that has impacted everyone, particularly minorities and individuals who suffer from mental illness. Our goal is to help families obtain justice and compensation for loved ones lost to police shootings.

Restraint Asphyxia

Many high profile incidents recently, notable the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, related to restraint asphyxia. It occurs when police restrain a person face down on the ground and apply weight on their back, neck or limbs. These improper restraints can impair the person’s ability to breathe and can cause death by asphyxia. Police and coroner’s reports often contain mistakes related to the victim’s cause of death, including something saying that the death was caused by “excited delirium.” Our attorneys unravel extensive medical evidence and apply their legal expertise in law enforcement and wrongful death cases to refute junk science, such as “excited delirium” claims and ensure our clients prevail in court.

Jail Death or Jail Suicide

People who are incarcerated lose the ability to provide for their own safety or for their own medical and psychiatric case. Their safety and care is the responsibility of the jail. When the jail fails to protect or care for these people, inmates suffer and even die from untreated medical conditions, suicide, or are victims of violence at the hands of other inmates or jail staff. Morton Law holds those in charge of our jails and prisons accountable to uphold their constitutional duty to provide for inmates’ medical needs and ensure safe jail conditions.